Help Dark Red Algae


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I wanted to know if this algae is a good or bad for my tank? It's all over the rocks and sand..<br><br><br>
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cyano. More FLOW! I'd recommend a water change to with RO, and syphon as much of that up as you can. But flow along with nutrient reduction is gonna be your key to long term removal of it.


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I vote for increase flow, DONT FEED or turn on lights for 2-3 days. Run some phosphate remover or a polyp pad. I wouldnt use the chemical... its more of a short term get rid of deal. At least in my experience with it.
Good luck


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1. Add more flow. the spots that are getting the cyano are most likely dead spots.
2. reduce feeding
3. reduce lighting hours if cyano continues
4. water change, with a 0 TDS reading
5. (optional) get chemiclean red slime remover. i used to have the problem and used it once and voila, gone in a matter of days. I still have a full case of red slime remover if you are interested. Let me know.
6. check for fluctuations in temperature