help me pick my next purchase.


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In my ongoing battle against hair algae, I am going to make a major purchase. Help me decide which will help more to rid my tank of the hair algae Ive been fighting for 5 mos. first tho some info on my tank. 125 gal. softy reef, sumpless ( no I cannot do a sump ) w remora pro hob, and aquaclear hob filter with kent power phos and seachems purigen. The remora will pull either a full cup daily tea colored wet, or every 3 days full cup of dry foam. (seems pretty good) I get my ro water from either my lfs or store machine. So here are my choices. Kent ro di unit, tunze 9010, or deltec mce 600.


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Try a clean up crew first.

About 30-50 hermits, 50-80 snails... 10 turbos. Get an RO/DI it will pay for itself over time... very quickly and make waterchanges easier. If you could really do a sump, you will be so happy that it will be one to the things u love. u can do waterchanges from the sump instead of the main tank! :D