help!! need books.


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Hey everyone out there in cephalopod world.
One of my service customers wants an octopus tank, and I want to get them some reading material first. I explained necessary stuff, housing, covering, etc. I promised them I would try to locate a reference book for them to read, but can't find anything decent for novice level readers.

In other words, are there any decent books that you could recommend that someone other than an aquarium geek could understand? everything I've found is good, but a little above the head of my clients. thanks. jazzy:cool:
as of yet there are no books specifically for keeping cephs in home aquariums and the lab books are hard to find... best bet is to read past posts here on reef central and and also to ask questions...

hope that helps?
thanks very much. Sorry it took me so long to reply; I don't have a computer. I'll check out tonmo for more sources.