HELP! New Aussie Torch Unhappy


New member
I bought my dream coral about a week ago, an aussie golden torch. It has been doing great up until yesterday morning. I woke up and saw that it looked unhappy and had some bare skeleton right in the middle. I suspect it's not a water parameter issue since all of my other LPS are fully extended and the torch seemed to go unhappy very suddenly and only one spot of the coral is showing skeleton. Someone told me it's probably just splitting into two heads, which i had originally thought but i'm not so certain of this anymore since i'm seeing bare skeleton. Also, around the bare skeleton in the middle, it seems as though some tentacles have shriveled up and turned brown, almost like they were burnt or something. i'm not seeing brown jelly though so i don't believe it's BJD. i don't know how it would've been stung by anything, as the only other coral it was near was another torch (upon research i have discovered that torches don't normally sting each other). I moved the torch near the bottom of the tank with the possibility of it being burnt with a change of par, but it's still looking similar. Any help would b great