Help please!!!!!!!! something is wrong with my clam


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my clam is not looking very good at all. it has been shrinking for the past two days in his shell. however, he keeps his shell open but the sking or his mantle all the in and his mouth open wide. i can see all insaid the clam. there is noting in him but only bristil worms that come out the sand. it dose response when i touch it and i did do a dip on him with Tech-D just incase if it was a disease but still the same if not worst. is the gonne for good or what.
What are your water paramaters?

What size is your tank?
What is your lighting?
Are you feeding live phyto?
What species of clam?
How big?

Basically, for help, we will need to know everything about your tank/clam.

best of luck
its a squamosa calm about two inches. the water is good but the ph has gonne down to 8.0.

75g with 500 watts of PC
the calcium is high bout 500, however i think is a disease becouse i have moved alot of algae off the rock and under that there was alot of waist so much that my devil hand soft coral got brown algae. i got it under control but i dont think the clam is getting better. its sking its getting hols and i think is dead know. should i take it out? its not reacting to my touching with my fingers.

i guess iam going to buy an other one but not on till i set up my MH radiums 20k 400watts dual.

i never feed it since i always feeding my other corals with pytoplex, micro vert all from kent marine.:p was i supose to feed it:confused: i never did.
If a clam is smaller than 3 inches, and especially if he's 2 inches or smaller, they are dependant on food, as they aren't fully photosynthetic yet. How big was yours?
There you go. Feeding a clam that size is essential! Direct feeding (like with a turkey baster) is also bad, because it will clog their gills. Also, food like kent phyto is too big a particle size for them.

DT's live phyto is hands down the best. Most people keeping small clams take them out 2-3 times per week and put them in a bowl of tank water turned light green with DTs. The clams are then able to feed at their leisure. My clams turn the water back clear in 20-30 minutes, and they have thanked me for the feedings by putting on 1cm of new shell in the last month.

Best of luck.