Help please...


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Hi everybody...

My 100g tank is in bad shape, corals are starting to dye and it's not nice.

One of my issues must be the sump which is full of detritus and live rock which must by saturated with phosphate. I am not sure but there must be at least 60pounds of LR (display tank is BB with just a few pounds of LR and corals on the BB).

I need to cure the root cause and this means curing all the LR and getting my sump back in good condition.

What would happen if I removed all LR and left the sump filled just with clear
water for the 2-3 weeks it would take to cure the LR?

I know it would not be good for my biological filtration but I am wondering what is less worse in my case where clearly corals in the display are suffering significantly, and I already lost several colonies.


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I would remove the live rock to a new saltwater bath (temp and pH matched)and treat w/ lanthanum chloride and clean the sump while the live rock is soaking. Then replace live rock, Run a skimmer and a GFO RX


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I would start by cleaning all the detritus out of the sump.

Do you have any measurements for the nitrate or phosphate levels? Also, what are the basics: SG, alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium?