Help with clown fry


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My clowns laid eggs and the eggs hatched last night. I have them in a hatch tank by themselves which is about 10 gallons with a small heater, two air stones and have all of the sides covered with black construction paper. I am feeding live rotifers. Can anyone give me some help? I have many questions.

1. How often should I feed the rotifers to the fry?
2. How much do I feed?
3. I am adding rotifer food in with the rotifers to the fry tank, how long do I continue this and how green do I want the water?
4. I have pc light over top of them. Should I leave this on all the time? If so, for how long?
5. How do I do a water change on the fry tank? I'm afraid I will suck up the fry.

I probably have many more questions but this is what I am needing help with now. Thanks in advance for your help.


there is a clown anemones section in this forum and someone in that section just had over 350 clown babies .
I would give a post over there.