Help with Discosoma: Jaw Breaker Mushrooms


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Hi. I got a good deal on some soft coral. Free in fact. I got three Jaw breakers and some discosoma coral too. I'd like to keep the jawbreakers alive because they are expensive and supposed to be pretty. I am not doing great with them. Two have detached along with two discosoma. They must hate flow. I have read that they do. So I tried a mushroom box with a lid but the flownin my fuge is too much. So yesterday I glued them and then I made a string web. For now they are holding and I am trying. If you can give some tips on Jawbreakers. Mine are dime size. Red ones. One hasn't detached as I have 3. I


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You can not glue the foot of a shroom to substrate.
They are not going to like that much.
It just needs to be in still waters for a few weeks.