help with fish list for 75g


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alright so i know i want a porcupine puffer and a clown trigger. i figure this should work out well since they're both mean guys. i want to add some kind of butterfly and a larger wrasse, but i can't decide which ones. im also a little worried a butterfly might get bullied around. any ideas?

btw i know the puffer will outgrow the 75, but i got a deal with my lfs and they said i could trade him back once he outgrows the tank (probably for another smaller porc puffer since i like them so much)
woah, can't say i new that. i thought they grew to like 10-12 inches. might havta rethink that one. thanks
Do not put a clown trigger in a 75. They get big, they are one of the most aggressive fish once they reach maturity, and in that small a tank, it will end up being nothing more than a species only tank.
I'm sorry to be so blunt.
not true. i house a CT in an 80 with no problems whatsoever. it lives 100% peacefully with a humu trigger and emperor angel. i will putting a 240 up soon though.
ok ok, lets not turn this into an argument about fish and tank sizes. ill just put a huma trigger and a porc puffer in their instead. but what other fishes? whats a more agrressive butterfly that can hang with the bullies?
Because the tank is only 75gal I wouldn't place any butterfly fish in with them as mostly the butterfly wouldn't be able to hang with them in the long term, specially when it comes time to feeding. I would look at adding some thing else.

People need to think long term on fish and not just what is happening now or for the past year. Most of these fish live long lives, 10-20+ years, and as time goes on they get very large and with that increase in size turn very aggressive. Now yes some people have keep aggressive fish with others without any problems but this is the exception and not the norm as most people over time will find that the fish will become very aggressive and they'll have to either get rid of the fish or change around what they have in the tank.