help with my phosphate sponge


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I have a 29 gallon reef tank and would like to start using phosphate sponge, I have some here and have a question about its use. First, how much would I use in a 30 gallon, it doesnt really say. Second, it talks about a charge, discarding it after 2 days and then adding a new fresh bag if you want to keep it for longer then a month. Do you do that? Or just put it in for a month?




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I would use a media reactor with phosphate media. I believe what is recommended is an oz per gallon of water. You may want to start with about half that much and then gradually build up to the 1oz per gallon range with each successive media change. At first you may have to change it more often maybe about once per month until the Phosphates are under control and then you should be able to go 2 or three months between media changes.