Hidden Mantis Story


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When I set up my 58G I got a mantis in my Fiji LR. I used to feed it, and then I tried to catch it, and then it disappeared. That was about 18 months ago.
I have sump with a closed off bulkhead which I'm trying (badly) to plumb for an external return pump. When I unscrewed the bulkhead plug, guess who popped out? He had made a regular little cave inside the bulkhead with little rocks. I wonder what he's been eating all this time. He's twice as big.
To get to the sump, he had to go through the overflow, down the standipe and out the tube. Resourceful little guy.
Currently in a plastic box in the sump of my other tank. Dunno what species, he's green.
if u find out please tell me... because i've got the same lil green guy hiding out in my tank... same dark green.. same tail.. and oval eyes..
Just about 2.5". In the photo, it's in a pyrex custard cup, if that helps to judge.
I think I'm gonna set up a little tank for the guy. He's been in the fishroom long enough to have squatter's rights.