HOT overflow problem


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I have a hang on tank overflow. Whenever i have to start the siphon up again (after a water change for example) the siphon tanks a while to get going at the same rate as the return pump. What should I do? thanks alot
I use lifereef overflows and I don't have that problem. Don't know how to fix it other than redesign so both ends of the tube stay under water even if the flow stops.
Could there be a dip or unnecessary sag in the tubing that comes from the overflow box? This could cause flow problems.
It simply takes a while for the air bubble to get blown out of the U tube. Shouldn't be a problem, so long as the tank doesn't overflow. You should be able to witness the resolution within a few minutes. You can stand by and watch and when you are sure it's not gonna overtake the overflow, then it's ok to leave. Good luck. I would rig a set up so that it didn't ever have to have the siphon started again. That way you don't mess with this whole thing.
ok thanks for the advice from all.. if i cut off the flow into the overflow will the water in the siphon stay until i let flow back into teh overflow?
The overflow should never lose siphon. Are you saying the siphon is lost when you power down? What kind of overflow is it?
no, when i shut off the return pump, should i empty the water from the siphon on my hang on tank overflow or leave it be.. usually i stop the flow through it and when i start it back up, it takes a while for the flow in the siphon to equal out with the flow of return
You should not have to do anything when you shut off the pump. Why do you want to?

How long is "awhile" to equal out?
Maybe more info. Display and sump size, plumbing setup, return pump model/GPH, overflow model, etc would help.