How am I doing? 90 gal bb shots


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I havent posted pics sice I started so here I go what do you think? Sorry for the Poor pictures.









I also wanted to share a shot of my my girlfreind and my lil bro sice it snowed last night.



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250 watt icecap MH luminarc III reflector. The pics are taken on a new reeflux 10 k bulb. OM 4 way on a sequence dart. and a reio 32 hf for the return. I hafe a MR1 skimmer. Enaly Ozone. A RDSB in a 5 gal bucket. A aquatronica controllers the whole operation.

the tank is 90 gal 36x24x24 from socal creations.


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You're running a Dart off a OM 4way in a 90gal? Man, your tank dimensions are the same as mine and I've posted about running a dart on it before, but got discouraged as most people thought that way way too much flow and will blow apart my sand bed. I see you have BB, does the output hit the bottom really hard??


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Nice tank, that is the dimensions I am looking at for my next in a month or so. Glass or Acrylic.... and what was the cost?


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It is acrylic from socal creations and I love it I think just the tank was about $450 I think. With sand it would be too much flow it is almost too much for my clam somtime he get knocked over and puts himself backup. but for BB it is perfect I don't need to siphon at all nothing get collected on the bottom of the tank. I do have a 5 gal jug connected to my skimmer output because it can pull out a lot of crud since nothing really settles on the bottom.