How do you have your DIY Kalk reactor hooked up.

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How does everyone have there Kalk Reactor hooked into the the tank?

My Kalk Reactor is 4' tall. I'm not sure if I should keep water running through it on a drip from my RO/DI unit or push a pump from my RO Storage, on the Topoff system that is already in place, but with the kalk reactor being 4 foot tall once the power shuts off it will suck the water out of reactor and back into my RO storage.

So I'm guessing I should hook it up to the RO/DI unit and just set it to drip..

I have a 350 gal system if that helps
I have the Ro/DI hooked into a 5G sump with flot valve. I then use a Mag 2 controlled by ACIII to start and stop the pump. When the pump is on the reactor adds h2o and overflows into the main tank. Check out my gallery I have one Kalk reactor for sale. I hope it helps?

You can use a check valve to keep the water from back siphoning into your storage container. The best way to add kalkwasser with a reactor in my opinion is to use a dosing pump. You can hook the dosing pump between the reactor and your sump and just put a hose from the reactor into your freshwater reservoir. The dosing pump will pull water from the reactor which in turn will pull water from the storage reservoir. If you don't want to use a dosing pump, here is how I would set it up:

place a small pump inside your fresh water storage reservoir
run tubing from pump to check valve
run tubing from check valve to fresh water input on reactor
run tubing from reactor to sump
hook it all up to your top off device if you are using it for sole topoff

That method should prevent the water from back siphoning into the reservoir. You should also have a ball valve on the line to the sump so you can set the drip rate.

Here's our DIY kalk reactor. I use to have that problem of siphioning back to the ro/di, (the gray trash can in back) just added some checkvalves and problem solved.

Mine is hooked up thru a float switch in the fuge, which turns on a PH in the ro/di can, that pushes the topoff into the sump. The kalk is on a timer that turns on the two PH's to recirculate the reactor.

You can see the checkvalve inside the reactor just under the lid.