How does this order sound?


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I'm thinking about getting a better clean up crew for my reef tank, how's this sound
What I have
4 black and white hermits
1 trochus
2 astea(I had a whole bunch but they fell on their backs and the hermits got to them first)

What I want to get
15 baha hermits
20 cerith
20 extra shells

Also if I got some test kits, would they be shipped and arrive with the livestock?

thanks for your time

time to start saving my money :)

Yes, i think that sounds like a good mix. The baha hermits are the champs when it comes to cleaning and baha snails are an all around good working snail.

On the test kits, that's no problem. We use a 12x12x12 box with foam. So we would have enough room to pack probably 4 test kits with your livestock and they are light, so wouldn't effect shipping much.