How Long?


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Just wondering on how long you should wait before putting a clam in a new tank. My tank has been up a little over two months.
How much longer should I wait before adding a clam? BTW it is a 55g, with (1) 250w MH & (2) 30w NO actinic. (enough light?)
Hello. Some people state wait until the tank is settled? Clams filter ammonia and nitrate from your tank so some people are using the bigger clams in sumps!!! (go figure) IMO if your tank has run it's course it's TIME. But clams need food (DTs). This may cause you tank to spike again? If it does the clam maybe ok but what else do you have in the tank? The lighting is GOOD! with a 250 watt Mh this leaves you with many options.
I have been feeding DT's every three days right now for my corals. What clam would you suggest? Thanks.
I know that everyone has their own opinion but I like to see a tank set up for a little while to make sure things are pretty mcch stabled out. A new tank IMO goes through too many changes in the first few months, as we are trying to adjust chemical balance such as alk, ca, ph & salinity.

Again, that is only my opinion

If you are going to try a clam for the first time a derasa or squamosa are the tuffest. They can also be put lower in your tank (like on the bottom). Toptank's point is well taken on the part of having a stable home.