How many chromis in a 65g?


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I have a 65G tank (18"Dx24"Hx36"L) with about 60lbs LR and 2 true percs. How many chromis can I safely introduce into my tank without over loading it? I want the "schooling" look.. haha
Chromis aren't good schoolers. If you want the schooling look, then get 5 Threadfin Cardinals.
I bought 5 and 2 of the big ones killed off the rest. Then the last two kept fighting until I got rid of them.
ya everytime i get chromis i get like 5 or 6 and they all eventualy kill eachother from fighting , or just start disapearing.
Major Misconception about Chromis. They do NOT school...they Shoal. The difference being that they stay together for safety not because they like each other. As they mature and feel safer in your tank...they will abuse their tankmates as they no longer need them for safety. Unless you have a large enough tank to support them.

If you want a schooler go with the Cardinals.
Get 10-15 and you might be left with 4-6. I think these must be cyanide caught often, they always come up missing! My buddy has a 400gal and he put in 100 (ok 98), he had the LFS special order them for him. In 3-5 days he only had 6 left and 2 weeks down to 4. All other fish and coral was unaffected and water was in perfect parameters. It turned me off to chromis for good!

What if 10 people had each bought 10 fish, I think you would have 10 people thinking it was thier tank, when the fish were swimming corps to begin with.

Others have had the same chromis (or 7) for years with only happy schooling to report.
The key to any fish school is the male / female ratio. If you have all of one sex there will be more fighting than schooling. The ideal ( though impossible to realize) would be 1 submissive male with other submissive females. As opposed to alpha males and dominant females.
Thats good info to know, I will have to remeber that, Maybe my chromis should go back before they kill eachther off.