How much growth?


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I'm far from new to the hobby, (25+ years) but am still a newbie when it comes to SPS.

As the title asks - just how fast can I expect my Acro frags to grow?

Tank Specs:
40b sump
~2" sugar fine arragonite
2 x AI Sol Blue
Eheim 1262
4 x K4 powerheads on controller to randomize flow
NH4 - 0
NO3 - ~0
PO4 - ~0
Ca - 450
Alk - 9
Mg - 1350

Ca, Alk, Mg on doser to keep levels constant

Current inhabitants: (all frags)
green birdsnest
4 other assorted Acro frags
Duncan - 4 polyps
2 x Euphylia frags (1 frogspawn, 1 torch)
small candycane (7 stalks)

2 x YWG
1 orange diamond goby
flame angel
orange back fairy wrasse
3 x spotfin Anthias

Although this tank has only been up since early august (see my build thread in DIY), the LR, some of the sand, the Euphylia's, the flame and the wrasse were all transferred from a 60g cube that had been running since 1992, so it should be considered a pretty well cycled system.

Thanks for any help!
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I've only got a year SPS experience, but in my tanks with less than ideal conditions I still get pretty fast growth. Monti caps will put on 1/4 inch a month, that's the most rapid. Acros are pretty darn slow for me, but a green slimer has put on about 1/4 inch on each tip in the 6 months I've owned it. I have some encrusting montis that seem to grow incrdibly fast, and others that creep along very slowly.

So, I'm not sure there is one right answer. :)


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That is such a hypothetical question there is no way anyone can predict your growth but you got a solid game plan


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I think that is very individual depending on the system. But i am also curios on what is "good/fast growth", im a beginner myself. Tank was setup in mid june this year.

My monti caps grow about 0,4 inch/month (1cm), my frogskin has grown a couple new tops about 0,4-0,6 inch (1-1,5cm) in 3-4 weeks.

1 month between pictures.


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I understand that each system and each type of coral will respond differently. I am just looking for a ballpark figure. My birdsnest has easily doubled in size since I got it about 6 weeks ago.

thanks for the replies!

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If your tank is right most sps grow much faster than you would expect. If they are not growing into each other after a year or so then you are probably not maintaining optimum conditions. Some do grow very slow, but usually that is also due to some factor not being quite optimum. When my tank is rocking even the Purple Monster grows fast.