How often to feed a baby clam


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I bought a baby Blue Maxima today. I was'nt planning on buying him for another few months but for $30 I could'nt pass it up. I no its a big mistake getting him before I reasearched more about it. Theres a large thread on New to Hobby about me getting it without reasearching first. But thats why I love this forum so much. Anyway my question is the clam is about 2" and I'm getting some DT's tomorrow but because I have a 90gal. tank I had to place him way on top of my LR. I was wandering if he attaches to the rock how will I feed him? I was planning on taking him out and feeding him in a bowl. And also how often do I need to feed him?:)
Get it to attach to a small rock that can be immersed in a medium sized bowl. This may take some time, especially if the clam is not healthy. When you feed it, take the rock out of the display tank, place it into a bowl (see if you can do this without exposing the clam to the air) and dose DTs at that point. With a 90 gallon tank, it may take a long while for the clam to filter all the DTs out. This is just a matter of efficiency (you don't waste DTs, the clam doesn't have to work as hard to eat).

If your clam is not attaching, repeat the procedure but just put the clam in the bowl (again minimizing the exposure to air).

Some people use clam shells to get the clams to attach (Flame*Angel). Sounds like a rock would work better for you since your using 175 W MHs and are keeping it up high.
In my very very very short experience with clams -
I suggest that you find a small rock, and bury it 1 inch under the sand. Nestle the clam down in the sand a little bit so it stays put, right over the rock. Its bissle threads will reach down and attach to the rock. Then you can probably move it about the tank. But I haven't gotten to that point yet.