How to aquascape a LPS dominant tank

Caleb Kruse

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I have a 90g LPS dominant aquarium, and am wondering how to aquascape it. I'm having a couple of problems. First how do I get the coral in places where the don't sting each other. Also I have an Acan Lord that is about the size of a baseball, but all but a 1" by 1" square have polyps on it. When I place it somewhere the bottom polyps don't get as much light and they aren't as healthy. Lastly could you post pics of your LPS dominated tanks.


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I just started a thread in this forum with pics of my lps / softie tank if you want to take a look at how I did mine.


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You just need to play with your tank untill you like it and then don't tuch it eney more


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I did a horse shoe shape in my 75gal- it makes it easy to have a lower current "lagoon area" which is good for my brain collection, scolys, cynarinas.......


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The horseshoe idea is good to incorporate once or twice in the overall aquascape. For LPS i just try to scape low and flat because many LPS are most attractive when viewed from above.


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heres an old scaping of my 75g lps dominated tank