How to get rid of bubble algae?

Emerald Crabs are supposed to get rid of hair algae but they are hit or miss, think its more of a miss. You could try to renove yourself but dont pop the bubbles. Maybe if you did a water change as you removed so u could suck them out of the tank.
My emeralds don't touch it. I've been able to get rid of most of it two ways.

1st I'd say about 65% of them will detach without breaking, just a gentle push from the side knocks them loose.

2nd pull the rock and scrap them off with a razor and a brush, rinse off in a bucket of salt water and back into tank.

If they wont break loose and I can't pull the rock I just break them in the tank with the siphon over them.

As was suggested whenever I mess with them in the tank I have the syphon over them to suck the spores out.

The actual only way to get rid of it, is to see what is causing it to grow, like Phosphates, Nitrates, or excess nutrients and proteins in the tank. Bubble algae can be somewhat of a pain since ifthey pop, the spores inside of it will be released into the tank and the bubble algae will spread throughout the tank.