How to get rid of live reef aquarium?


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I have a long running 120 gallon reef aquarium that I need to pass on to someone else. I advertised it on Offer Up for $500, but not even a single question or offer. I need to get it gone and soon, painters and flooring people will be here in 2 weeks. At this point I don't even care if I get any money for it, I really just want the biome to survive.

Any Ideas? Are people just not interested in reef aquariums anymore?



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You can post on the local reef sites here, and try to give it all away, but unfortunately I'd guess it will take more than two weeks for the hassle of scheduling people to come by and all the pickiness/blow offs that can involve. You can try any of the local schools that might want a science project or give the inhabitants to a pet shop (last resort, I'd say) ditching the equipment as time allows.
Putting a picture up in this thread would help people to know what you're dealing with and help give proper advice. A tank infested with aiptasia is the opposite of a healthy tank jammed with acros and the advice would change accordingly.
It could just be the location or a lack of reefers on offer up. If you’re willing to part out, I’d be willing to pay shipping for the calcium reactor (just can’t ship the CO2 tank) but the reactor and regulator can be