How to simplify my dosing?


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I have 20gal nano with softies/lps and am using RedSea Foundation Ca, Mg and Alk (Powder). Other than Alk which I dose daily, I dose Ca & Mg weekly
I happen to to be given a new packet of Aquaforest Mineral salt and being aware about ionic imbalance and the need to compensate with NaCl free salt.

The problem is, how much should I dose? The instructions says
"Dosage: Dissolve 25 g in 1000 ml RODI water. In order to maintain ionic balance, it is recommended to apply also: Calcium, KH Buffer and Magnesium, which doses should be established based on water tests and daily corals’ consumption. Reef Mineral Salt can be combined in one solution with Calcium or Magnesium.
Solution of Reef Mineral Salt should be dosed with the same liquid-amounts as solutions of Calcium and KH Buffer."

How can I apply it to my case where I dose in mg (dry powder mixed with some DI water) according to the depletion based on Randy Holmes reef calculator. In my case, I use 6.3gr each of RedSea Ca and KH weekly (for KH, I divide the mixed amount by 7 and dose daily) and it has been pretty consistent.
How do I now factor in how much of dry Aquaforest Mineral salt to use weekly. Is it also 6.3gr or it is 12.4gr (Ca AND KH Buffer?) or its a totally different amount based on molar weight? Last but not least, I believe I need to dose some trace elements too.

I would like to find a way to use these up (they will last me a long time) before considering using something much more simple like TM's "All in One Reef" as it has everything and perfect for nano tanks. But till then, I would like to use what I have and learn something along the way too.

Thanks for reading this long post. Your advise appreciated