Hydor FLO Deflectors?


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I just got 2 of these for my 2 MaxiJet 1200 in my 36g tank. It will eventually be a Reef tank so I'm not sure the 2 MaxiJet 1200 would have given enough circulation to begin with.

But with the deflectors ayyached, the amount of water the 2 jets are letting out seems to be significantly cut back. Is it my imagination? Or do these things lower the GPH of a powerhead?


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yea. I dont have the ability to do a more complex flow and such and these things get a lot of praise. If they burn out the powerheads faster so be it.

Should I plan to put a 3rd MaxiJet 1200 in the tank by the time i'm ready for corals?


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They definitely reduce flows since they have to consume some of the energy output and convert them into mechanical forms (i.e. the rotation). But your sense of reduced flow also comes from the fact that the output flow is now diffused, instead of the one-direction flow from a power head. This gives you the false feeling that the flow is much weaker, but in fact it isn't. Try to feel what a SEIO puts out and you'll know what I mean.

About extra pressure affecting Maxi-jets life, well, I think that's nominal. I had 2 hydors on my AquaClear powerheads for almost 2 years and didn't do any damage to them.

But over all, the deflectors do a very good job before you can move on to other more complex and expensive solutions.


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They do cut down on the flow but create a more random flow in the tank. i run these on 2x maxijet 600 in my 30 long and it create really good flow.


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I added a second pump and outlet to my nanocube so that I could use one of these and make up for the lost flow.

I definitely like varying flow, I would be hesitant to set up another tank without some mechanism for varying the flow. (my new one has the OM squirt on a closed loop)