I cant take it anymore!


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Who here can sell me a frag of this green coral? What is it? I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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green millie? i have one...aren't they common? mine doesn't get as hairy as that one yet, but i believe when it becomes a colony it will :D


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Yea, its a hairy milli. They are like that from the start arent they? Anyone have some to go around?:D


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If you are going to smoke it, I don't anyone will sell it to you. :)

And you sounded like you want to smoke it.


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I have one... not nearly that hairy though. Interesting thing about my colony is that it encrusted really fast at the base. I could frag you a piece, but be forewarned... not as colorful or hairy as that one! :)


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Pics antjefferson! :)
LOL.... I will take a pic when I get back home... but trust me... mine is an embarrasment compared to the pic he posted above! I need to replace my bulbs badly... my sps arent coloring up well as a result. :(

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Acropora Millepora.

Pretty common as far as SPS goes. ORA farms a blue, green, rose, and pink variety. Soooo, you could call up a retailer that deals in ORA stuff and get one. Or just go to your local LFS and ask him/her to grab you one from their wholesaler on their next run.



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I had one that was just as hairy, I sold it to Richard, wishintobeoutside last year, I'm not sure he still has it.