I have a few questions about Kalk and calcium supplements???


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So I am new to reefing and I am curious what the difference of the different dosing methods are. I'm going to be able to finally get my first tank going which is going to be a 46 bowfront. I have been looking and doing a lot of research but this topic still vexes me. If I got a kalk stirrer do I still need to supplement calcium or vise versa if I got a calcium reactor? If I had a calcium reactor do I need to run CO2? ALK???......best supplementation for this???? I don't mind the day to day of dosing since I am very attentive of my current tank FO/salt. Basically I want to know what the best thing for me to purchase that will have a long life and longevity of the overall cost for my supplementation?


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IMO if you can afford a calcium reactor and understand your tanks chemistry pretty well get it, its the best option over time especially if you get into SPS or go larger. iv never run it personally, but i think its the cheapest method of dosing calcium over time. it requires co2 to dissolve your media. if you dose with Kalk and you have high calcium demands (sps, clams, or larger tanks) and your calcium is still dropping you would need to try anther method to keep your calcium high. if its a small tank, and you check it regularly then a 2 part, or kalk dosing in your top off might be right for you since you would not really need a calcium reactor, and for such a small tank it would tank a long time to pay it self back.