I have a question?


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I have had a mantis sneak into my reef before from live rock and corals but he made himself very present by showing himself and and showing hostile displays to every other fish and shrimp in the tank. He never stayed in the tank long enough for me to watch him feed but I hear they are quite loud at it. Now when I turn my lights off I hear a series of loud poping for 30 - 40 minutes after the lights go out. Im not sure but could I have a more seclusive mantis ? I have lost all hermits 1 tri. clam and 50% of my snails. The only fish that has disapeared was a small sail fin. All water param. are fine? I was just checking with you guys to see if you would know.
I would like to know because I have a tank I would like to set up for this one, I hear that they are amazing pets.
Well there is a high chance that it is a mantis. I could be a pistol shrimp though. You rarly see them at all.

As for the snails and hermits. The mantis can be eating them. But also consider that hermit crabs kill snails and other hermit crabs. That could be part of the losses.

As for the fish the mantis could have taked it but if it died the crabs probably ate it over night.

The clam, mantis could have eaten it but the crabs and fish could have been picking at it. Then it died so everything ate it.

It is a guessing game. Lots of questions that need to be answered.

I would find the rock the noise is comming from and put it in the sump and see if that was the rock that had the noise.