I have a shrimp living in my clam??!!


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Just bought a maxima few days ago, was looking at it with the flashlight tonight and made a shocking discovery...There was a small shrimp living inside the clam! (Yes, inside, near the clam gills). Is this possible? Can it be harmful?
The clam so far appears to be okay, with good extension and reflexes. Its inhalant siphon is open a bit wider than my other clams, but other than that it seems alright.
The shrimp in question is a ~1/3" long, clear shrimp with small red dots on its head/body. It has small claws (like the Pedersen shrimp) but shorter.

Anyone have any ideas? I don't think I'll be able to remove it, just wondering if anyone's heard of such a thing before. I'll also try to get a pic of it sometime tomorrow. Thanks in advance!
I have never seen a shrimp inside a clam but have heard of it. I have had what is known as a pea crab that lives inside the clam and cleans the mucus off the gills. These crabs are really cool. Almost the exact color of the gills.

The shrimp's actually transparent with black dots....so if you look to the right of the gills... :)
Hi, I just bought a Squamosa yesterday, and found a shrimp matching your description in my clam. I was really worried, but feel better after reading that article.

NKT: What is the status of your clam/shrimp?