I just got a mantis


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It is a peacock mantis shrimp, it is still all green, my buddy said it has not molted yet. I found him in my main tank must have come ith my new rock, and managed to catch him, PURE luck, stupid luck actually, he jumped into the net lol.

Currently I have it in my refuge, I DO NOT want to kill him/give him away, I refuse to do that with anything I catch, I have a few red eyes in there, also there are some live rocks in there, alge and a 96 watt light setup that runs 24/7.

I have a few questions.

I NEVER see him, he is small. maby 2 inches? I know he is alive(I dug him out) but he never comes out, how do I feed him? I threw a few small blue leg hermits in there to clean up/be food but other then that I have no idea.

I have a coral beauty in there also, wife got a second for her tank(150 gal) and they have been trying to KIL each other so she put it in there until we can figure something out, I'm scared to let the beauty loose in my tank because with the 150 so or pounds of rock you would NEVER catch it again.

Will the lights being on 24/7 hurt him? It is a refuge so im trying to maximize the time for the algea.

Why does he look at me with that, "I got your number buddy" look?



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Congrats on the mantis shrimp! Very lucky catch!

Lights on 24/7 not good imo for any animal, messes up their internal clock. Also not good for some species due to potential of developing shell disease. Although its not bright like MH, still not good.

Mantis are smart, predatory creatures, hes scoping you out trying to figure out what your doing staring at him lol.

Can you add some pics for ID? Really curious

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i wouldnt worry too much about feeding it if you are feeding your tank normally, they are uber resourceful and will find food if it is there


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If it is all green, it is not an Odontodactylus scyllarus. Even juveniles have the characteristic spot pattern and red and blue markings.