I know you love'em, so How do I catch'em

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I have a 1 1/2" mantis hitchhiker on some LR. He has killed 7 green chromis. The rock is isolated to my sump with him on it. He frequently shows himself going from hole to hole. This piece of LR is huge and has a nice porites encrusted head on it, so it will end up in my main tank (without the mantis). How do i catch this little sucker. I don't want to kill him. BTW, I tried high salinity water for about 5-7 minutes, didn't work.

thanks for any help
haha, i hope not! lol... that wasnt the intention in my tank... but i guess it did make it a lot easier to get him

would have rather had him alive in the refugia though!


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Wouldn't he feast in the refugium, but if it's big enough that wouldn't be a problem. Any bad hitchickers could become lunch there :D


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Hey Creeper,

I'd try removing the rock and squirting the suspect hole with fresh water or carbonated water. If you could place a bucket of salt water underneath to catch it that would be ideal.

Good luck!