I love aquacultured rock!!!


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I have just received the second shipment of "the package" from Tampa Bay Saltwater and am thrilled with the whole experience!! They aren't kidding about having extra water on hand for water changes, I thought I was going to go insane with water changes, but the tank was cycled in a week - not bad. I just couldn't resist sharing some pics of this cool experience. If you're thinking of setting up a tank with their rock, I'd highly recommend it!!

The live rock really is shipped in water and it is FULL of cool stuff.
I second that!! I used to live in Orlando and bought a package from them for my 135G. It was only in transit for about 2-3 hours so my die off was VERY minimal. It really didnt cycle either. All my reading were great the whole time. I love the stuff. Im in Oregon now and as soon as i can get my 350g tank going, i will be giving them a call. Good work Richard. I especially loved it that i got to go and pick the rock out myself. Great service. Loved the freebies too. Look forward on doing business with you again. :thumbsup:
That looks like a nice peice. Any chance of getting a few more photos posted. I am in the market for a good amount of rock and am trying to decide which source to use. Any other photos you have would be appreciated.
Here are some TBS lr pictures for you. I got this shipment in mid June.