i named it "DAY GLOW butt lights"

I picked up a new mantis for 5 bucks at the store. the body is greyish with a hint of red with green outlines, bright green "grabbing appendages" (the things on the chest in between the raptorials, don't know what they're called, they hold food with them) black clubs and two BRIGHT RED/ PINK dots on either side of the tail that are very neon/ day glow.
never seen this dayglow coloration in any pictures of mantids. it lives in a rock and i target feed it shrimp, it won't come out due to the larger mantis that controls the tank currently. i will get around to isolating its rock to a differnt place and try to flush her out to snap a picture if this has anyone's (gonodactylus) interests peaked...if this is something common i'll just let it chill in its hole and not disturb it. not positive what locale rock it came in on, probably fiji. p.s. it is about 1.5" long.