I think I shoulda bought a coon instead.

Tu Ku

In Memoriam
My copperbanded butterfly is a pretty cool fish and he gets along great with my yellow tang (suprisingly great) but I didn't buy him to look at him, he was supposed to eat my aiptasia but he hasn't, he's completely devoured all of my spaghetti worms and small white feather dusters. Hasn't even touched the aiptasia! I was told after I bought the copperbanded that the raccoon faced butterflies have more of a taste for aiptasia. Does anyone know this through experience?
Racoons have a great taste for corals also. I have never heard of them eating the aiptasia although I won't say it isn't possible. Great looking fish though if you have a FOWLR. The copperband is one of the fish that will eat aiptasia. Just give him some time to find them.
Mine did the same thing for a week or so, ate all the worms and small featherdusters and then BAM! went to work on the aiptasia. Eradicated them in 2-3 days and I haven't seen a trace of one since (4.5 months). I'd also say give him some time.