I thought I had AEFW but...

Large Polyp Dave

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I was playing with a small colony that was on the side of my tank that had very low flow. It had been doing poorly for several months but just blamed it on it's low flow location. It had some dead/dying spots on it so i was going to frag off a good piece and replant it somewhere with better flow

When i took the colony out of the water, I noticed that there were some gelantinous blobs on the coral. I don't have a camera capable of capturing the detail of it. But as a test I put in a cup of freshwater and shook the coral around and a whole slew of flatworms fell off.

I tossed the colony.

I've been looking for over an hour for any signs of AEFW in the rest of my tank. I can't find anything. I have about 20 acropora species in the tank. But nothing else seems to be effected.. Not sure what I should do...

Every thread I have read on RC about these AEFW is that they leave behind patches of light coloured tissue as they cruise around the coral eating zooxanthallae.

I haven't added anything to my tank in a few months so I have no idea where they came from. Could they possibly have just been on that colony this whole time?
(That colony never had any PE since I bought it) As for the species of acro that it was, I have no idea. It definitely isn't the standard bali tri colour/nana's that AEFW seem to love.

What else should be looking for to see if I have these AEFWs? Just flesh discolouration?


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i have gone months without seeing them and then ill find a few eggs on a frag. they are very cryptic creatures, they like mille's; i would take out every colony and inspect it for eggs and perhaps dip in one of the various effective treatments.