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hey guys i have this rock with zoa's and there is something growing in the middle of it with bubble tips. can someone help me id this, if its a pest or coral.


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A little hard to tell. Does it have a disc? Could it be mojano? What ever it is it definatly looks like a pair of small nems.


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Inject it with hot water, lemon juice, kalk paste, or a product like Aiptasia-X. I have read of success with putting them in the dark with one spot of light & they'll move to where the light is, but that takes time.


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I have been looking around for a syringe to inject lemon juice but couldn't get one from any pharmacy or pet store.

Is there any other way to inject or get rid off them. Mine are sitting in the middle of Zoas colony so can't put ZOAS in dark.


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Why cant they be in the dark?

I mean storms come up out at sea and hide the sun for like 2-3 days at a time...

But yeah... a week of it might be a bit.... but even if you cut back the light timing for a week and just left one light in the corner 24/7 you would notice when they moved, any way, and could catch them right up.


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I have about 7-10 majanos sitting in the middle of zoas colony. It seems like a slow process and some may move to another colony. Can I pull them off with a plucker at night time when my zoas are sleeping and majanos feet are exposed?


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I would suggest to anyone with pest nems to get some peppermint shrimp or berhgia nudibranch's. Both eat these nems. Some people have had issues with the shrimp turning on coral, but I never have personally and I've had them in all of my tanks.

Bergias only eat aptasia (not sure about mojanos) and will soon die of starvation once they clean out your tank. Rehoming them to another reefer with a pest problem is great for the bergias.


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You should be able to buy a dosing syringe used for babies in the baby aisle of the drug store. Get one with the smallest tip you can find. I've only had one peppermint shrimp out of many that ate aiptasia, but I usually keep them anyway. The syringe we got at the drug store had no needle on it & a quite small tip. They shouldn't have any objection to giving you one without a needle.