Ideal lighting for 72G Clam Tank


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What do you guys think. I know there is tons of debate and opinions but would 150W HQI's be enough? Can you get good color from MH without actinic supplements? I don't want to just throw a ton of light at the tank for no reason. I just want a nice balanced look with a hint more blue than yellow and sufficient light to make Maxima's, Squamosa's, and Deresa's happy. Maybe a Crocea up in the rocks. :)

I've gotten several good opinions, but before I sink $700-$800 in a light fixture I want to be as sure as possible that I'm getting the right thing. Thanks for any insights you share.
I have a 150 hqi 10,000k over section of a clam tank. It looks good! The only problem with it is the lack of area it covers. Right next to it I have a 400 watt 15,000k and the color to me is a good. But the 400 watt style allows it to cover more area. The 150 is a Geissmann and the 400 is a PFO.
I have a pair of 250 wat halides running a iswaki 65k and a ab10k and my clams (4"crocea,2" maxima, 4" maxima, 2" squasmosa and a 5" deresa are all doing great under these lights. The water depth is about 17". All the clams are on the bottom other than the 2" maxima which is about half way up the rock work.
I had the iswaki light and recently added the ab10K a few mounths ago when I upgraded to a bigger tank to compare and I am actually leaning towards the isaki's with 2 vho actinics for color. A very nice crisp white.


How big is your tank? Mine is a bowfront and I was leaning towards an aquaspacelight because by the time I bought a canopy and the parts to DIY the lights, the spacelight is cheaper. Besides, I don't really like the look of canopies. The only problem is then I'm stuck with the AB 10K bulbs and I'm sure the 2 little PC's aren't going to add enough blue. I'm also thinking about getting 20K radiums for that fixture but I don't know if they'll work.