Ideas for the trip to ohio


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i was thinking of maybee packing a bunch of snacks and stuff.
wondering what time we are going to head out and whos driving.
i have a pc light i will be takeing to sell as well as a overflow and a pump.
i might beable to get a loner car pack its like a carbattey you can plug stuff into to keep stuff warm maybee run a heater. thats still up in the air.
what kind of music do we all like
feel free to post any ideas i am drawing a blank of the other couple of things i was curious about.


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i think we should attempt fragging an well be fun....i have tools if we need to rotozips and dremmels


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hey mox what type of overflow and pc light do you have? i how much you sellin them for, maybe i can take my equipment too, get with me on the prices so i can take my stuff also and we dont outbid each other...i have a brand new 50/50 bulb never used but more than 5 minutes, before i just went with a full actinic instead, i also have an extra bulb im giving to frd its about 3 months used, figure i would buy all brand new bulbs...GOOD IDEA MOX.....


Dr. Zooqi
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So far it looks like BMAC and me driving. I'm taking Nissan and not my van.
going so far
Nate (I think)


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get in, sit down, shut up, and hold on....... up for one hell of a trip......can't wait !!!


Dr. Zooqi
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FRD, can you please take the water testing job

BMAC, Drilling a tank and I will arrange a tank to the meeting so we don't have to take it and bring it back.

Mo, Fraging corals, glue them, maybe making a close loop etc..

Spoon, handing over flyers, answering questions about REEFNEST (I will have the papars and stuff)

MOX, Killing Aiptasia if we can find a rock with one on it and I can show you few tricks how to do that.

Nate, Not sure if you are going but if you are we will find you a job..
Guys,, we need to set a schedule of what time each one starts at the meeting and follow that.

The meeting is from12pm - 4pm

so lets devide our workshop to time.. I know we can test water anytime but I thought drilling tank can start at 1:00pm and coral fraging at 2:00pm


Dr. Zooqi
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All Ohio Frag Swap

Sunday March 19, 2006 from 12pm - 4pm

American Legion Hall - Clifton Post
22001 Brookpark Road
Fairview Park, Ohio 44126

Admission: $5 for adults. 14 and under are FREE.
4 ft. of table space included in the price of your admission.
Electricity is available for each table.
Doors open at 12 noon (9:30am for vendor setup).
Food and beverages available in attached restaurant.
Vendors receive an 8 ft. table. If you are interested in being a vendor, contact Carole McLaren.

Discounted hotel accomodations are available at (mention the American Legion Hall and get a $50 room rate):

Ramada Inn
2215 Brookpark Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44126
(440) 734-4500

There will be a dry goods raffle at the end of the swap. Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.

Vendors attending so far:

North Coast Aquatics
Salty Critter
Eden's Gate
Happy As A Clam
Professional Aquatics
The ReefNest

Trades and available frags are being listed on Frag Swapper.


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well mo if you picked up that 75 gal tank id like to drill it a bit big to travel with but never the less i am interested in drilling it

as far as my over flow box was only tring to get rid of it 10 buck would be fine light i am looking to get about 100 but if some ones looking ill let it go for 80-90 i guess pump like 10 bucks


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it just a coral life quad 65 watt it runs 4 ballast 2 of witch are new
my 75 gallon tank that broke is all torn apart wondering what you guys think about maybee taking it along and drilling it and resealing it if i can get a new sheet of glass from williamsport mirror/glass just an idea for the show


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thats great idea see if bmac has room for that tank? i think zooqi wants to keep the drilled tank there as a raffle or something though....i dunno


Dr. Zooqi
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I do not have the 75 yet and should get it in few days. I hope they still have the sale on them.
The only reason I posted in all ohio frag swap so we don't have to take a tank and bring it back. somebody should be there with a tank for us to drill. we are limited on the space in our cars and specially we are taking a frag tank with us.


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hey not shure whats going on i called ya Mo as far as i know we are to meet at burger king on mainard street at 5 am
some one let me know if i am right or whats going down.
thanx also mo if you havent picked up that tank if you dont mind giveing the cash back ill pick it up down at TPP next saturday