In need of something interesting.


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Im in the process of upgrading and consilidating my NanoCube and 10g tanks into a 40g breeder. Im getting more and more into SPS and am trying to get a fish list going for the new tank.

I currently have a pair of True Percs in the Nano and a Red Firefish in the 10g. Right now there are only 2 others I know of that Im seriously interested in keeping. Either a jawfish (probably a blue spotted) or a goby shrimp pair. I know my tank is probably too small to do both. Any one have any input on which to get? Both look like they would be very interesting to watch in a tank.

All the other fish Im interested in keeping (Purple and Achilles Tangs and Flame Angel) I definantly don't have space for and/or don't do well in reefs so I wouldn't even consider.

Do guys and gals, recommend me some interesting fish!!


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Well a shrimp goby pair is very interesting. Your pair of clownfish limit what can go into your tank as they will be very aggressive once sexually mature.


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Thats what I had been told by one of my friends. Now that Im getting closer to putting the new tank up, Im thinking more and more that I may just leave the clown pair in the Nano by themselves with all my softies. If so anything striking come to mind?

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If you're considering a pistol/goby pair, keep in mine that the sand bed under the rock they choose will constantly be moved around. I have a yasha haze/tiger pistol pair in my 30 cube and the tiger pistol is extremely active. Yashas aren't sand sifters, but if you did want a sand sifting goby, you could go with a yellow watchman or a pink spotted goby.

If you decide to go with the jawfish, make sure you give it a 3-5 inch sandbed of mixed substrate.


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If you go with either bottom-dwelling fish, you want to make sure that the rock is in contact with the bottom pane of the tank and that it is very stable. If not properly set up, all that shifting of sand can cause a rockslide.


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Thanks for the input so far. I do have a glass cover for the top of the tank, so Im not too concerned about jumpers.

Sugar and revaltion;

Thanks for these tid bits, they are somethings I had completely overlooked!! Reminding me of this will help keep a future disaster from occuring. I am leaning towards the goby/shrimp pair at the moment because my tank isnt that deep and I would rather not have a huge sandbed. Ill make sure I have very secure rock work and that its in contact with the glass.

I was leaning toward a yellow watchman, because they do a little more sand sifting. I don't think Ive seen a pink spotted yet. Would one be more beneficial than the other?