In search of Cheato....


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Hey guys... Last night I finally got frustrated with the status of my macro. My Caulerpa has sections turning yellow and falling appart. it's just really sad. The cheato is weak and mostly crumbling... it's in rough shape.

I "weeded out" everything nasty, but have only about 1/3 of a quart bag worth... if anyone has some they want to donate, let me know, I'd gladly take it off your hands. If you need to be paid or a trade, send me a pm, and we can negitiate something. If someone has some to brimg to the meeting that woud be the cat's #@@. (Really cool)

I would also take some fast growing caulerpa in a pinch, the species I had was rather slow growing.

I have a ton that I need to trim back. I will be at the meeting if you want some of mine. You can have it for free. I will bring you a big bag of it. Mine is the size of a basket ball. Nice and dark green basket ball that is.
Jason, I can bring you a wad of razor caulerpa if you would like. I will also bring you your thermos!!

Oh, yeah... Kory said he'd set me up, so I should be ok. I had the lights on for 24/7 but I'm going to pickup a timer today to put them on a reverse cycle.

Kory, your cheato is actually growing and reaching for the light even since saturday. The little I had in there is still sickly looking.

Any one have an opinion, should I keep the cruddy lookin stuff or pitch it. I can actually see 4 day growth on the new stuff!Like 1/2"-3/4"!

I could use some of that. I have some grape caulerpa and I like it fine enough but it doesn't seem to help with my ph troubles maybe that would.