Info for keeping dwarf seahorses

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I am starting a 5 gallon dwarf seahorse tank. I have read a couple of articles. If anyone has tried these dwarfs feel free to post advise!

Thanks Steve
i have dwarfs. they are doing well. there has been one delivery of babies, seven born alive, one dead. they eat constantly so you must have live brine hatching before they arive. they seem very hardy and stable. they prefer to have the light off, they will swim more. i only run the filter for a few minutes at a time because the current is too strong for the babies. if you need any more info email me at
dwarf are the easiest among all horsies...they don't need good water quality(their natural environmen is very bad)and they don't require lights....and lights will attract brine shrimp which will make it harder to feed the horsies......
a five gallon can have up to 20 dwarfs......
lots people turn their filter just at night because of the brine shrimp that you have to feed contantly in the tank..........

good luck....
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