is 26x too much?


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In an effort to stop my hair algae growth, I have ended up turning the water over in my tank about 26 times every hour with the skimmer, magnum canister, and various powerheads. It is a FOWLR and lots of healthy cualerpa. Is this too much? I am thinking it is, but the dern alage just wont go away
its a year old, and yea i have some cleanup critters, but they just die. the crabs kill the snails, then the crabs die eventually. i have some zebra hermits on the way, though
IMO I think that you are fine... The more flow, the more nutrients and such get swooshed around... to the fish and the filtration.. If the fish seem happy, then I'd let it be.

As for you algae... Are you using RO/DI water?? If not, then that is probably why the algae won't go away. If yes, try reducing your lighting schedule so there is less photosynthetic time for the algae...
Maybe you are overfeeding your fish??
Are you adding any chemical treatments??
Is your tank getting direct sunlight??
There are a lot of factors that could be your problem

just my 2 cents :)
Flow rates should be at the lowest 20 times an hour, Most with there reefs have the turnover rate at 40 times an hour.
You are fine with flow, and having more flow will help with some of the algae.

Another source of algae is old lighting where the lighting spectrum isnt as high as it used to be. New bulbs can also have a affect on algae growth.
High phosphates, extra nutrients in the tank will also cause alage.
Overfeeding the tank will help with the phosphates.
How often do you feed and how many times per day?
Not doing normal water changes will help algae growth, as well as having crushed coral for a substrate.
how do u figure out how many times the turnover rate is? i have a 29g w/ an eclipse hood (rated 250ghp) and a aquaC romora w/ maxi-jet. can someone help me out?
You take the GPH of the pump or pumps you have that circulate the water. Then you have to figure out how much head presure you have with them.
So if you have a return pump rated at 3200 GPH and the return is 4 feet to the top of the tank, you have to deduct flow. Say the flow is reduced from 3200GPH to 2800 at the top of the tank.
You would take the 2800 and divide that by your tank size.
If you have a 55 gallon tank with 2800 GPH being circulated you will have a turn over rate of 50 times an hour.

Right now with just the filter, since that is the only water actually being turned over through the filter, you will have a turnover rate of 8 times an hour.