Is it just me or is it just me???


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I would like to relate my recent experience with Marine Depot(MD).

I have read many good testimony regarding MD's services and was delighted when MD also make international delivery. I was setting up an entirely new 160g tank and needed all new equipments to go with it. As I couldn't find some items in MD's site, I e-mail sales dept for help. I have also asked for some technical info on some of the products, i.e, differences and efficiency.

a) Sales reply with prices on some products, totally no words on techincal questions. ( maybe the sales are not technically trained,
hence I didn't ask further and just decided on one of each product on my own and inform MD that I would like to confirm the order.

b) The confirmation order that was e-mail to me had either repeated items, missing items or items not specified. After some repeated correction, with a couple of long distance call, we manage to get the orders right.

c) I have given my mailing address (home, as per credit card) and my shipping address (office). Delivery, consisting of a few cartons, were sent to my home instead. If not for the bulk, weight and size of the items, I would not mind taking them. I manage to make arrangement with local Fedex office who was kind enough to redirect the delivery. I also inform MD and was assure the the address will be updated.

d) We have to pay tax for imports, and when I received the tax claim by the local Fedex office, I was surprised. The value was more than what I have anticipated. Reason: MD's shipping list does not tally with my purchase. And values of the back orders (which I was not inform earlier) was also included in this shipment. Fedex advised that MD would have to correct the airwaybill and completed a claim form under MD's letterhead. I've already have a few correspondance with the sales dept, and till date this is still outstanding. If MD is unable to correct this mistake, I would be made to pay over a hundred dollar of additional tax.

e) I have just receive my back-ordered items and, guess what,
they were sent to my mailing address again!!

Is it just me or is anyone else experencing these difficulties.
Short of wrong delivery or damage items (touch wood, I have not open all the parcels yet:p ) I can say that all that could go wrong have already gone wrong)

Either I did not communicate well or MD is not geared for int'l sales or it is just pure back luck!!:rolleyes: :confused:
Marine Depot

Marine Depot

They've been great with me.

Probably just a misunderstanding.

What country are you from?
Your english is better than most on RC.
Hi Mike, I am from Singapore.

I would like to believe that it is all just bad luck, since many had testify that they are good. It is just that when things happen one after another, it sends my temperature up a few degree. :blown:

I wrote this thread not to complain, rather it is out of frustration.:sad1:
Marine Depot

Marine Depot

Marine Depot has had excellent service when I've used them.

On my original LARGE order they send me the wrong sized tubing. They gave me a credit at my word and did not want the tubing back.

They sent me an expensive item by mistake (without charging me for it). I notified them of their error and sent the item back at their costs. They gave me a $15.00 credit for my trouble.

All mail order companies make mistakes. It's how they handle the mistake that really defines their customer service.

Hi TBL, glad for you that things turn out alright for you.

If so many have said that MD is responsive and responsible, then I want to believe that they are. I am prepared to write everything off as a bad experience, (though I hope that I don't also have to write off having to pay additional tax :) )
Hi Chris,

We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced with this order. I recall speaking with you about this order when you called us. We did inform you of the backordered items on your order and you agreed that we send it at a later time. Additionally, I expressed the fact that we are unable to ship to an address different from the billing address on international orders and you were okay with that as well.

All of our sales personnel are equipped to handle any technical questions you may have on the products we carry. We are always willing to help out and go the extra mile for the customer, and this is evident in our representative faxing over all the information you have requested from us on more than one occasion.

We understand that customs fees can be troublesome at times, and we are trying to help out. Please let us know if there's anything else we can help you with in regards to the taxes being charged to you.


Ben R.
Marine Depot Customer Service
Hi Ben, I sincerely cannot recall being told that MD cannot shipped to different address for international orders. My friend have just done that with your office (shipping to different address). I also cannot recall your telling me on the back ordering. If you did, my apologise.

As for technical advise, if you go back to the beginning, you would find a list unanswered ones. I do appreciate,though, that lately there are some 'pointing' to the right page for my request for fittings.

As for the custom fees, all I have requested is to have the claim form endorsed and faxed under MD's letterhead, together with a correct packing list. (I have said that my times, perhaps it just doesn't get through)
Marine Depot is great

Marine Depot is great

I picked up a bucket of Korallith, and a PC light bulb. On arrival the Korallith bucket was cracked and the stuff went everywhere (including the UPS truck). MD had a replacement out the next day. The PC bulb stopped working 24 hours later, and they had a replacement out 24 hours later on it as well. I was pretty impressed, especially since they didn't question the dead bulb. MD will be getting future biz from me!
Done business with them numerous times - they've always treated me right. Just wish they had a shipping center on the east coast so I could get some "intant gratification without psycho fedex bills.