Is the AC3 being discontinued?


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Noticed the AC3 is no longer being sold at Marine Depot, Premium Aquatics...etc. Even the Neptune site no longer lists it. This would really suck since there would be no "middle of the road" controller sort of speak between the Jr and the Pro. And updating to the new Apex will cost a fortune since none of the peripherals for the original AC line are compatible with the Apex meaning I'd have to buy an entire new system. :( Please correct me if I'm mistaken. Thanks.


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The Apex *is* backward compatible with the peripherals like DC8, DC4HD, Lunar Sim, etc. You can use them!

The Apex starter package costs much less than the equivalent AC3 configuration, and does more.... it makes sense to me that the standard AC3 is no longer for sale.
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That is great news. Thanks very much for clearing that up for me. Looks like I will be upgrading to the new Apex soon. Thanks again. :thumbsup:


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I too noticed that since I was looking for what a typical AC3 setup will cost, since lately I see a lot of listing for used AC3, and they seem to list for only about $50 less than Apex. even at $100 lower than Apex, its probably still better to just get the Apex.