is this normal?


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i set my tank up initially on july 22. seems like everythings ok. had an initial green hair algae bloom but got a phosphate reactor and a turbo snail and it seemed to die out pretty quickly but this stuff showed up basically immediately after that. it's basically just dark brown and almost blobbish for lack of a better word. seems to cover everything and is just COVERED in trapped air bubbles. it covers the sand, the rock, the glass, EVERYTHING. if it's just kinda something i need to endure while my tank is aging, i'm fine with it. if not i would love to know asap. sorry for the bad picture, it wouldn't let me upload some of the better ones. i'll try and get on that.

40 gallon tank, 5 gal(?) hob refugium
cpr backpack protein skimmer
via aqua phosphate reactor
RO/DI water

thanks everyone.


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diatoms... part (ending) of the cycling.. normal.. it will go away.

have you been testing the ammonia/nitrate/nitrite levels?


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i haven't. i ordered a kit a few days ago should be here friday. glad to hear it's not some random weird disease that only i would get during my first attempt at this. thanks for the input.