Its that time again, moving


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Well i will be making my 4th move in under 1 year on august 22nd. I will be driving an hour and a half back up to college and will be bringing my tank with me. So far ive moved it home for winterbreak (1 month) and back to school for another 3 months then back home again for the summer and now i will be heading back to school. What i usually do is bag EVERYTHING by itself. This time stock has grown so i will be bagging 25 things total.

Heres my plan

Remove as much water as i can before rocks are exposed.

Carefully remove rock as to prevent sand stirring

place rocks in bucket with siphoned water just enough to cover the rocks

remove and begin bagging all live stock

place all live stock in 1-2 styrofoam containers to preserve heat and lessen stress

remove as much water as humanly possible into 2nd bucket (only water here)

make 2-3 gallons of fresh salt water in 3rd bucket night before

i think i will then rinse with fresh water all filters and powerheads and my auto top off, last time i didnt and some stuff had to be taken apart due to the salt causing sticking problems


Place tank on stand keep metal halide off.

Pour as much water as i can from water only bucket (trying to keep as much of the dirty out of the water as possible

Add liverock and scape.

add as much water from liverock bucket as possible but being even more careful to keep out the debris

add fresh water

turn heater on with powerheads and filter

place new carbon/filterfloss above chaeto to catch anything. Remove floss once a day for a week

once the tank has been running for around 30-60 minutes begin floating corals and livestock

after another 15-20 minutes, release fish and coral into the tank and top off tank if needed with water from sexy shrimp/snails bags

run halides as normal

how does that sound? Its a little different then i have done it (more so in the time i wait to begin floating) i figure since stuff ships it is actually more beneficial and less stressful to leave everything in the styrofoam container while the tank settles and heats up for 30-60 minutes vs putting it all to float while it heats up.

any suggestions? its only a 10 gallon tank but it stresses me the hell out. I have a chalice, micromussa, 2 acros and a birdsnest along with zoas, duncan, and other soft coral. Livestock is green clown goby, sexy shrimpx3 yasha haze, and pom pom crab. I will bag all snails in 1 bag and all shrimp in 1 bag. Please any tips or hints or warnings are appreciated. All 3 prior moves went well with eveything looking great after a week but i always get really worried especially with the addition of sps to my system this summer and the halide


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I like keeping a sand bed, but with all the moving you have to do, I would go bare bottom until you finish school (btw, what school?). Good luck, study hard but be sure to enjoy yourself too!


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That sounds like a pretty good plan to me. I always use a tank move as an opportunity to thoroughly clean all my pumps. It takes some more time, but a 10g isn't too bad. I've never been quite so meticulous as to bag up all the livestock individually (I just put what isn't attached to a larger rock in a separate bucket), but there's certainly nothing wrong with doing it the way you're planning. Certainly a safer approach. The snails I'd certainly just throw in the bucket with the rocks, though. I don't see them being in much danger of getting crushed.

Anyway, best of luck. I think the move will go just fine.


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sounds good about the snails never thought of that. I go to sonoma state in northern California. I gotta have a sand bed haha i like it too much and i plan to get a pistol shrimp for my yasha soon

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wow. that's a lot of work and risk to the fish each time. Most animals I've lost have been during or immediately after a tank move. but, I guess, ya gotta have a tank so there you go. good luck.