Iwasaki 15,000K


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Anyone try these yet? Higher par than thier 10,000k and they have 20,000K coming out in a couple months.
Yep - I have a 175. It's a crisper, whiter look than the 10,000K XM. I like it but I'm not sure I like it to the tune of twice the price.
You have the 15,000K's mayo? Do you have any actinic with them? And how do blue zo's look with them if you have any. My XM's stay very crisp white for me but I miss out on my fire and ice and true blue zo's looking greyish. I have stayed with the 10,000k bulbs for the par to get the growth but these 15,000K Iwasaki's have higher par than thier 10,000K's which were unreal high anyway.

They're running not "too" bad of price right now here at 75 bucks:


And I'm sure thereefstop would get them too if asked which might make it 70 bucks.
I have PC actinic that I use for sunrise/sunset. Don't have any blue zoas.

I got mine for about the same from Premiumaquatics.com but next go round, I'll get a 12000K and see how they compare.
I was runnin 175w 10ks then swicth to 14ks and im not sure i like it. But after awhile i guess its ok. just alittle bluer
I'm looking for the high PAR though and all of the ones a higher K than my XM 10,000K's are a big drop in the PAR. These new Iwasaki's are even higher than thier 10,000K ones (which are the only ones higher than my XM's). It won't be until the end of 06 before they release the 20,000K Iwasaki's though. In retrospect I might have gone with the 250 watt ones so I could go up in color and still have high par.