Just ordered cuttlefish!


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Hey guys,

I was able to get a LFS here in Dallas to order me some cuttles! They should arrive in less than a month. They are trying to get me species information, and I hope it is correct. I'll get some pictures ready when they do come in.



Man, I am looking for as much info as I can get. I'm not sure what species I'll be getting yet, but I'm sure anything you have to say is relevant to all of them. Now for the questoins: How much do your guys eat a day, and how much have they grown in a certain time period(like a month)? When are they most active? Do you have any more pictures or videos of them like you mentioned to me earlier? How many do you have in your tank, and what size is
it? Have you had any fights between them? Could you take a picture of your entire tank with them in it so I can get an idea of hom much space they take up? Any other information would be great. I will let you know when I get more information on the ones that I ordered(like what species they are).

Hope that the video i emailed worked, i have never sent a video before.....

okay the questions........

1) how much per day? at first they were 12mm long or so, they had 2 shrimps (has to be live to start with or they wont bite) per day each. The shrimps were a british species called crangon at abou 8 - 15 m long. dunno if you get them there or not?????? (Has to be live, even if you wiggle dead ones? nup, mine didnt fall for that old one :) )
On one occasion i had to feed them terrestrial woodlice for about 3 or 4 days. they did eat them but everyone at cephbase says dont do it. And i never ever used artemia!
Now they are about 3" or so each, but some are bigger than others now. They eat one goldfish 2" each per day or slices of trout if stuck. I make sure they have at least 2 or 3 live crabs per week each week. I get them from a local beach (2" across carapace now) at first i took off there claws.
2)I would say they doubled their mass every week i had them. They have grown from 1/2" to 3" or so in 3 months. only another 12" or so to go :)
3) I have 7 together. The tank is 72"long, 24"tall and 30"front to back with live rock, 12"x24tallx12inches wet/dry filter, nitrate filter, turboflotor5000, 2 coralife10000k, 2 actinics, sump and weekly doses of calcium. the octopuses also live in tanks joined on to the same sumps. They never fight but if one grabs the first goldfish the others chase it around the tank. They sometimes lock tentacles but no harm seems to be done. Oh, except all that bloody ink, hence the big skimmer, but if your quick you can catch it in a fine net!

Just ask any questions you want...... I had to bug plenty people to get this far and i am more than happy to pass on the info :)

Did you read on tomno that the little buggers have started spitting water out the tank?

I have also included a pic of my tank the cuttlefish are living in right now, pic from dec 2000
Here is the overall tank view taken tonight and i have also got a pic with 4 of the 7 cuttlefish together in one shot, Okay its a nice pic of a powerhead too, but hey, it was friday night and i was doing maintenance stuff hehehe

These pictures are awesome! Keep them coming! I think you are about the only person I have seen with cuttles besides Jimbo Louis that has so many pictures. It really helps to actually see them in action!