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hi, i have been in this hobby for about 5 years. Started out with a 55 FO tank which i am currently still using to this day. Now that tank has become a preditor tank with a yellow head moray[16"] and lion....they are great but i am looking fo something better. Now in the year i also had a reef [10gal nano] which for a while was next to the 55...at the mment there is a clown, one green rock anemone, and 2 condylactus...at first it was more of a traditional nano but i like change and move to an anemonie tank...this tank has now become a 15 high refuge added on to the 55 [13lbs of LR and some macro]------------well thats that and sorry for the long post but i feel it is nessasery------------------------------------------------------when i bought the moray at my LFS they had in the same tank two critter cages[ the plastic 2 or 3 gal things] in one there was a amall octo and the other a small cuttle...they were the coolest thing...especially when they got the eel out of the tank ...the octo turnd jet black....and well that started my intrest.....i have been reading as much as i can on this borad but still have a few question....
1. which is "easier" tpo keep...octo or cuttle?
2. i read an artucle somwhere and it said that a cuttle could be kept in a ten gal tank...is that true?
3. could i keep a cuttle in my 15 high?....dont flame me i am in nw way going to do this without more info.....it ws only about 1.5 to 2" long........just a though......also if not what size tank?.....ty for your time and any response....sorry for the long post......
I only have experience keeping octopuses but everyone says that cuttles can be more challanging. Its not that they are more difficult, you just have to work harder to keep the tank in good shape. A 15 gallon tank is too small for octopuses and cuttles. People on this board seem to agree that 30 gallons is the minimum for small octopuses such as bimaculoides or dwarf octopuses. People also say that you need a larger tank, 75+ gallons, for cuttles but I dont know for sure. Maybe someone else can help you with the cuttle information.


Cuttles are much harder to get in the USA and can therefore be a bit more expensive and they dont travel so well. if you want a first time ceph, an octopus would be better.

From personal experience I have kept several cuttlefish that were Sepia officinalis. I had seven of them and when they were about 4" long they were too big for a 200gallon tank. I had to thin them down to just two....

When my last remaining cuttlefish was approx 9-10" i feel that he was getting too big for a 200 gallon tank by himself, so a 10 gallon tank isnt going to last a baby cuttlefish very long at all. And bear in mind that cuttles are generally much more active and they swim about compared to an octopus.

Any idea what soecies of cuttle it was???

Hope this helps