Kalk question from a lazy reefer.


Reef Monkey
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Yes, I know lazy generally doesn't work very well with this hobby, so we'll call it time frugal. Anyway, here's what I'm thinking about doing, and I want to know if it's going to be a problem. Instead of pulling the 5g bucket that holds my limewater every few days to mix a new batch, I'd like to just dump a bunch of pickling lime into the bucket and when the limewater starts running low, I can just add water and stir it up a bit with the powerhead I'd keep in the bucket. I'd keep the tubing pulling the limewater from the bucket half an inch or so above the bottom of the bucket so I wouldn't start pulling out the solid lime. I currently use fully saturated limewater, so I'm not worried about the mixture being too potent.

So, am I basically doing a makeshift kalk stirrer here, or have I missed something?


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That's about what I do, although I don't use a powerhead. It only take 10-15 seconds of stirring to do the job.

A sea K

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I was thinking of doing this as well but was unsure if it would have any negative effects or how to implement the system.
I've got the implementing part figured out but still don't know the drawbacks or possibility of them, and don't know any of the finer points of using Kalkwasser solutions.

Glass Oceans

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I do something similar too. I use a five-gallon bucket as the reservoir but I make the Kalkwasser mix in a seven-gallon water container. After transferring the balance of the Seven Gallon container, I make another seven gallons.