kalk question


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have a 30 gallon tank
i plan to dose in ato

i have it set up so im dosing about .08 gal each hour
is this a safe amount without raising the ph to high

im also mixing 2 tsp per gallon


Randy Holmes-Farley

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Yes, that would be fine. Is the evaporation really that high, or is that the pump rate and then the ATO controls it from there?


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thanks for the reply Randy

its kinda funny, imdosing kalk in a makeshift way. i have a powerhead hooked to i timer that comes on for one minute each hour. each minute its set to dose around .08 ( i measured in a gal container) then i have a flote valve that shuts off wen the water level is at a certain point.

i probly get about a half gall evaperation a day.

sorry for the long response but its kinda weird how i dose kalk